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How to Grow Money Plant | Grow Golden Pothos | Grow Devil’s Ivy | Indoor Plant Care Tips

How to Grow Money Plant | Grow Golden Pothos | Grow Devil’s Ivy | Indoor Plant Care Tips

Golden Pothos, Devil’s Ivy, or Money Plant is a favourite indoor or house plant, especially for Beginners. Devil’s Ivy does not need direct sunlight to grow. The plant can be kept on your desk or a shelf close to the window. The good news is that you don’t need a garden or even a balcony for growing Money Plant.

Golden Pothos / Devil’s Ivy / Money Plant is an ideal plant for Beginners

In this article, you will learn about the following:

  1. The best way to propagate Money Plant or Golden Pothos from cuttings in water
  2. How to Care for your Money Plant / Pothos Plant
  3. Using Money Plant / Devil’s Ivy / Golden Pothos as an Air Purifier at Home
  4. Decoration Ideas for Money Plant

Did you know? Money Plant is one among the Best 5 Air Purifying Indoor Plants Must-Have for Your Home.

Step 1: The best way to propagate Money Plant or Pothos from cuttings in water

Pothos can be grown very well through plant cuttings. Try getting a plant cutting from a friend’s home or a plant nursery, and you will never have to repurchase a Pothos.
Place the cuttings in regular tap water in a container (preferably a transparent one). You will be able to see the roots coming up in a week. You can continue growing the Pothos in water or transplant it to a pot or hanging basket after it has a sound root system.

Learn “How to Grow Money Plant / Golden Pothos / Devil’s Ivy” for better understanding.

Step 2: How to Care for your Money Plant / Pothos Plant

The Money Plant is very easy to grow, but there are specific essential points that must be kept in mind to care for the plant.

A Plant Feed or Compost

You will need some food in the form of compost or organic plant feed if it grows in the soil. You can give some food to your plant every six months or so. But it is growing in the water, changing the water every 5-7 days is sufficient for the plant health. The addition of any compost or feed can stimulate Fungal Growth.


The plants need Sunlight for carrying out the process of Photosynthesis or food making. Pothos’s exciting thing is that while it needs Sun to grow, it also grows pretty well in the shade. Try keeping the plant alternatively in Sun and then in the shade for a few days.


Over-watering is the most common reason for which money plants die. Rubbing your finger on the pot’s soil where your plant is growing can help determine if the plant needs water. If no soil sticks to your finger, it means that it is too dry and needs watering. Please water thoroughly until it begins to drain from the bottom holes of the plant.


If you clip the ends of your plant, you will likely end up with a bushier plant. You will also help the plant thrive if you remove damaged or dried leaves.

Learn “How to Grow Money Plant / Golden Pothos / Devil’s Ivy” for more important details on how to Prune your Golden Pothos.

Step 3: Using Money Plant / Golden Pothos as an Air Purifier at Home

Money plant is ideal for removing several airborne pollutants like Benzene, Formaldehyde, Carbon Monoxide, and Xylene.

This plant gives out oxygen even at night, making it a perfect bedroom plant. You can also keep it close to your desk because you spend a lot of time on it.

Step 4: Decorations using Money Plant / Devil’s Ivy

It is good to use a money plant for decorations in pots, hanging baskets, and containers. I suggest using smaller bottles/recycled containers inside your decorative baskets or pots to ensure their long life and proper maintenance.

Here’s a Tip: Place your Pot with Money Plant / Golden Pothos / Devil’s Ivy in your bathrooms to remove the harmful effects from chemicals like formaldehyde (which are common in cleaning agents).

You will thank the day someone compliments you on how green and nature-friendly your home looks!

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