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How to Grow Mint at Home?

Mint is a perennial that facilitates smoother digestion, has anti-inflammatory properties, and helps keep mild cold and flu at bay. Mint pot or container can be kept on your kitchen shelf or near a window, which gets some partial sun during the day. Mint multiplies from grocery cuttings. Don’t throw away those grocery cuttings. Use the mint leaves and save the stems for growing more mint.

Did you know? Regular pruning or harvesting of Mint can help to grow a healthier and bushier Mint plant.

Mint 🌿 has anti-inflammatory properties, and helps keep mild cold and flu at bay

In this article, you will learn about the following:

  1. Planting Mint from Grocery Cuttings
  2. Starting Mint Cuttings in Water
  3. Caring for Mint Plant
  4. Harvesting Mint the right way

Step 1: Planting Mint from Grocery Cuttings

Mint can be planted from grocery cuttings. One can use the leaves and save the stems. After plucking the leaves, the stem needs to be cut at an angle and planted directly into the soil if it is rainy. These grocery cuttings of the mint stems can start developing roots and leaves in pots, containers or hanging baskets.

Step 2: Start Mint Cuttings in Water

If it is not rainy season, the mint might not grow from the grocery cuttings planted directly into the soil. It is a good idea to place the mint stems in a glass or bottle with water (the regular tap water). It would be best if you did not wait too long to place the stems in water because they would wilt and not develop roots. The Fresher, the better. The stems will start growing roots in 4-5 days. These can then be transplanted into pots, containers, or hanging baskets.

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Step 3: Caring for the Mint Plant

You need to get rid of weeds in the mint plant regularly and also keep it moist. Over watering or under watering your plant could kill it. If you discover that your mint plant is under a pest 🐛 attack, spray it with home-made organic pesticide, and it will do fine.

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Step 4: GetMyHarvest the right way

Use a pair of scissors for harvesting mint because if you try to pluck the leaves or stems without scissors, the plant might get uprooted. Mint has to be harvested when the plant reaches 8 to 10 cm in height. The cut should not be made for a length of more than 5 cm. The plant will regrow into original height usually in 15 days, but may grow faster if it is rainy season or slower if it is wintertime. To propagate more mint, you can use the leaves from your harvest and start the stems in water. You can end up getting a regular supply of loads of mint.

Here’s a Tip: Always contain your mint in pots, containers or hanging baskets because it can go wild and invade your garden bed.

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