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How to Grow Tomatoes at Home?

Growing your tomatoes is very easy and rewarding. It’s a delight to watch the tomato plants with red beauties on them. Tomatoes can be grown in the garden bed or containers as well. Did you know that tomatoes are a herb, and they have soft green stems?

The Tomatoes grow throughout the year except for regions with excessive frost or heat (temperatures below 5 degrees Celsius or above 35 degrees Celsius).

Growing Tomatoes at home is Super Easy 🍅

In this article, you will learn about the following:

  1. Sowing tomato seeds
  2. Transplanting the baby tomato plants into Garden Bed / Pot / Container
  3. Supporting and Caring for the Tomato Plant
  4. When and How to GetMyHarvest from the Tomato Plant

Step 1: Sow the Seeds

The first step is to sow the Tomato seeds in seed trays. The seed trays must have CocoPeat in them. Learn “How to use CocoPeat? Making Coco Peat from Coco Peat Block” to know more about using it as a medium for growing plants. The trays will have to be kept moist by watering twice a day. You can start the seeds indoors if the soil is not warm enough or the rainy season. You can also sow the seeds in a seedbed made with Coco Peat / Coco Coir in your garden. The seeds will start sprouting in 2 weeks.

Learn “How to Use Cocopeat for Growing Vegetables and Plants?” for better understanding.

Step 2: Transplanting the baby tomato plants into Garden Bed / Pot / Container

The baby plants can be transplanted to garden beds, pots, or containers after they have grown 3 inches tall. One needs to choose a sunny spot in the garden to grow the tomato plants because more Sun means more Flower, which means more fruit/Tomatoes. The plants must be planted at least 1 inch apart and 1/4 inches deep. The baby plants need to be watered twice a day for a few days to help them develop their roots..

Step 3: Supporting and Caring for the Tomato 🍅 Plant

The tomato plant has soft, weak stems and needs to be supported. Using cages or supports like the ones are shown in the video above can help the tomato plant to thrive. The absence of supports would make your tomato plant fall flat on the ground and lead to a high breakage of stems.

The plant will grow and soon have flowers like the ones shown in the picture below.

In a weeks time you will soon notice small unripe tomatoes, which will be green in colour.

If you notice any pests 🐛 on the leaves or fruits, spray with a home-made organic pesticide.

Learn “How to Make Organic Pesticide for Plants at Home”. Multiple applications would be needed to drive away pests.

Step 4: When and How to GetMyHarvest from the Tomato Plant

In summers ☀️ or pest 🐛 prone times, Tomatoes 🍅 must be harvested when green or just a little yellow. If you are growing cherry tomatoes, they are likely to be smaller, while the usual ones will turn big but will still be green and firm to touch. Waiting for them to turn orange or red could lead to more pests and bugs on them. Place them indoors, in a paper bag or a cardboard box, and cover them. Check every other day to take out the ripe tomatoes to consume or refrigerate. It is recommended to use a Pruner to harvest with accuracy without damaging the stems.

Here’s a Tip: The home-grown tomatoes are softer, juicier, and full of flavor. You won’t feel like using the store-bought ones after you have tasted the home-grown ones.

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