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Curry Leaf Raita Recipe

Healthy Recipe: Curry Leaf Raita

Did you know? Curry Leaves are good for your skin, eyesight, hair, and digestion. They are also known to eliminate harmful bacteria from our body.

Ingredients for Curry Leaf Raita Recipe

  • Curry Leaves – 15-20 fresh or tender ones
  • Ginger – 20 grams
  • Garlic – 3-4 medium-sized pods
  • Onion – 30 grams or half of a small onion
  • Green chilli – ½
  • Black Salt – 2 pinches
  • Lime Juice of 1 full Lime
  • Curd – ½ cup
  • Water – 1 cup

Directions for Making Yummy “Curry Leaf Raita Recipe”

  1. Add all ingredients in a blender except water and blend.
  2. Add water slowly after blending the mixture at first.
  3. Taste and see if you would like a bit more hit from the chilies, more sourness from the lime, or black salt.
  4. Pour the blended Raita in a bowl and set it in the fridge to chill.

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Here’s a Tip: Serve chilled Curry Leaf Raita with a Spicy Biryani or a Curry.

Curry leaf plant is a must-have plant in your collection of plants for kitchen gardening. It is a highly aromatic plant and used primarily for flavoring the south Indian dishes. 

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