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Self Watering Pots | Self Watering Containers | Indoor Plant Care Tips

Advantages of Self Watering Pots | Self Watering Containers for Indoor Plants

One of the easiest ways to introduce greenery into our homes is through Pots or Containers. But watering indoor plants can be very tricky. One can forget watering altogether or over water. While I think container gardening can be advantageous, Container Gardening is exceptionally challenging because it tends to either completely forget watering or watering in excess. Container plants or plants growing in pots die in either case. But watering adequately can be a challenge with busy work schedules. Self-Watering Pots are a perfect solution to this problem.

Here’s a Tip: Place your Money Plant / Golden Pothos / Devil’s Ivy in a Self Watering Pot in your bathrooms to remove the harmful effects from chemicals like formaldehyde (which are common in cleaning agents).

How Self Watering Pots | Self Watering Containers work?

The Self Watering Pots have a tray attached underneath, which acts as a reservoir or water. One can replenish the water in the tray once or week or once in two weeks based on the growing plant. The cacti would need less water while other plants would need more. The roots and soil of the plant will automatically absorb water from the tray as per their need. The self-watering ability can prevent the container plants from dying due to under or over watering.

Did you know? Money Plant gives out oxygen even at night, making it a perfect bedroom plant. You can also keep it close to your desk because you spend a lot of time on it.

Another critical advantage of self-watering pots is that they can be used hard to reach places in your home. For instance, pots and planters in Macrames or pots kept at sites cannot risk dirtying with soil and water. The water will not drip from the bottom of the pot because you are not watering from the top, and there is a tray attached underneath.

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Let us sum up the advantages of self-watering pots or containers:

  • Self Watering pots prevent your container plants from dying due to under-watering.
  • Self Watering Pots prevent your container pots from drying due to over watering.
  • You can place plants in hard to reach places in your home by using self-watering pots
  • Adequate watering becomes easy
  • Maintaining greenery in your home and its vicinity can become easy even if you stay busy with work

Here’s a Tip: Use smaller self-watering pots for cacti and succulents. But make sure you add less water in their trays because the water requirements for these plants is significantly lower.

Learn “How to Grow Money Plant / Golden Pothos / Devil’s Ivy” at Home from Plant Cutting

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