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Suji Gur Ka Halwa | Low Calorie Sheera Recipe | Semolina Pudding

Suji ka Halwa is a classic quick dish called by a different name in other parts of India. It is called Rava Sheera or Semolina Pudding. It is also called Rava Kesari down south. The Semolina is not roasted as much, and saffron strands or synthetic orange color are added in South India.

Semolina or Sooji provides instant energy, supports the nervous system, is good for health health, promotes weight loss and is beneficial for a diabetic diet. Jaggery improves digestion and cleanses the whole body. Here is a recipe that will help activate the digestive enzymes in your body.

In the north, this halwa is made for auspicious occasions and celebrations. It is, for instance, made during the Navratri pooja. The recipe that I am sharing here is low on sweet content as well as fat content. I think sugar is not a necessary ingredient in the kitchen, given the harmful effects. Jaggery can easily take its place. 

Ingredients for Making Sooji Jaggery Halwa

  • 1 cup Sooji or Rava
  • 2/3 cup Jaggery or around 12 tablespoons of Jaggery
  • ¼ cup or 4 tablespoons of ghee 
  • 2 ½ cups water 
  • 8-10 almonds
  • 10 Raisins

Directions for Making Sooji Gur Halwa

  1. Heat the pan or wok and add ghee. Let the ghee heat up and add the sooji / rava to it.
  2. You need to roast the Sheer/ Rava by turning and stirring it occasionally.
  3. In a separate pan, heat the water and melt the Jaggery in it by stirring occasionally.
  4. Please wait for it to get an even light brown tone on it.
  5. Add the almonds and raisins to the Rava as it is getting roasted. You will know that the suji is roosted when the ghee separates from it.
  6. Add ½ teaspoon of cardamom powder and mix well.
  7. Once the Jaggery is roasted, add hot jaggery water to it. Please be careful while adding the hot water because it sizzles.
  8. Stir continuously. Make sure you stir well at a medium flame to prevent lumps from getting formed. You will feel the consistency of the rava changing as the suji starts absorbing the liquid.
  9. Turn off the heat once you have achieved the required consistency. The sheera / halwa should not stick to the pan. It will all come together, and you will know that it is already.

Here’s a Tip: You can vary the quantities of Ghee and Jaggery based on your taste and preferences. If you want to shape the sheera or halwa in a certain way, you must do it when it is still hot. 

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